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Proven Web Design Techniques for Optimal SEO Advantage

Effective On-Site or On-Page SEO can make a significant difference in your SERP placement when you are competing for the top spot on Google.  Be sure to take advantage of those elements that you can control within your website itself to help improve your SERP position.

Your top keyword phrase should appear in your domain name. This simple tip gives you an advantage if followed.

Your keyword phrase should appear in your URL.  This means that you should name your pages carefully to be sure that you match keywords with page titles.

Meta data: Meta Descriptions, and Meta Keywords.  These elements are not actually displayed on the webpage itself but they are used to tell the search engines about the webpage and its contents. 

When creating the Meta Description, use plain English in complete sentence form.

For example: You are creating the Meta Description for the About Us page on a website devoted to pet supplies, you might write something similar to this:

‘Founded in 2003, we are a Pet Product Supply Company that specializes in exotic Pets. ’

It is very important to write your Meta Descriptions in complete sentences and to be sure that the content is relevant to the webpage because many times this Meta Description data is what the search engine will display in the SERP listing just below the actual link (between the link and the URL.)

Meta Keywords:  These are the keyword phrases that most closely match the content of the page they are used upon.  If you plan to use a Meta Keyword be sure that the keyword appears in the content body or you can be penalized for this.

Header Tags: Include your primary keyword for the page within H1 tags, secondary keyword in H2 tags, etc.

Use text that describes your images for alt text data.  Do not put unrelated keyword phrases in your alt text; you can be penalized for this.

Be sure to use anchor text for all of your internal links.  When linking from one internal web page to another internal web page you should use anchor text in the same manner that you would a back-link.

Keep your outbound links down to a minimum and link only to quality websites.

The following are things that you do not want to do on your web pages.

Do not use images that include text or phrases.  The search engines cannot read the text within an image file.

Keyword stuffing:  Over using a keyword phrase to the point where it starts to sound spammy will definitely get your page penalized.

Avoid vulgarity.  Do not use profanity in your page content.  This will get you penalized as well.

Do not use invisible text; that is, invisible to the website viewer but visible to the Search Engine Spider. 

Following these simple tips will give you a great advantage over the typical website.

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